General Conditions

General Conditions 2019-08-20T17:05:41+00:00
  1. All the competitors will be able to participate in their category (according to their age) and/or in a superior category if they consider this convenient.
  2. For every round, in the different categories, the order of performance of pianists in all rounds will be determined by a drawing. Starting with the letter chosen from the draw and continuing henceforth in alphabetical order.
    The resulting order can be only modified in case of except circumstances. The contestants must provide a justification and the organization will make a final decision considering the reasons.
    Drawing will take place on July 9th 2019 at 16:30h. at Alixares Hotel in Granada. All Rounds will be open to the public.
  3. The jury can stop the contestant’s performance; it does not mean any kind of evaluation.
  4. The jury is not obliged to give all the prizes. Their decisions are final.
  5. The awarded candidates will personally take their awards in the Closing Act that will take place on July 14th at 21:00h. at Auditorio Medina Elvira. If, by majeure force, contestants aren’t able to assist to the Closing Ceremony and Prize Giving, the competitor shall justifyi. The management will consider the reason in order to authorize another person to receive the diploma.
    All grants and prizes shall be subject to withholding tax at the statutory rate.
  6. The Competition will provide pianos for practising at contestant’s disposal in the “Centro Prosesional de Música SCAEM de Granada”. Contestants will receive an authorization at the reception so they can access to these Studio Pianos.
  7. All contestants under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult who will take care of the competitior during the whole contest. If the adult is not the contestant’s parent, a permission note will be asked from at least one of the parents upon registration. The Competition management will not be responsible for any contestant incidents during the competition.
  8. All travel costs, like tickets and visa costs must be carried by the participant. Visa requirements for Spain have to be requested at the respective embassy or consulate. The participants are responsible to request their own visa. An invitation letter can be requested from the organization by email.
  9. The Organizing Committee will select a maximum number of 80 pianists and will notice the pianist if he/she has been selected before June 8th.
    The Organizing Committee will establish a waiting list of those not selected pianists and they would be invited to take part if any of the selected contestants leaves the competition or gets declassified.
  10. The Organizing Committee will solve every situation that’s not specified in these regulations.
    In the case of divergence between the texts translated from Spanish to English, the official Spanish Text will prevail
  11. All contestants taking part on this competition already accept the Regulations.